Far from Close to Home

a little piece of home.

a little piece of home.

The Mountain View Motel seen HERE is a hop, skip and a jump away in the Banning-Beaumont area. (1430 E 6th St, Beaumont, CA if you must know and (951) 845-7451 if, God Forbid you should need to call. It’s about 95 degrees in the desert on a bright August morning. Beaumont/Banning el centro – we are right in the transition area between downtown Banning on one side and downtown Beaumont on the other. Near the Walgreens on Highland Springs and 6th.
We drove from Sunlakes to Highland Springs Road, then left on 6th.
Cruise. Control.
The winds of Banning you will remember, if you are here. They blow hard some nights and have the effect of clearing out the valley in between the Palm Springs Tram Mountain near Idyllwild on one side. Then Big Bear and all its monstrosity on the other side of the valley, with you Banning-Beaumont and the 10 freeway nestled right in the Valley. People drive to Cabazon Outlets and also casino nearby.
My Parents live here in this town, in Sunlakes. They are wonderfully generous to their growing little family. God Bless them, I am lucky. Time we spend together is always lively conversation and time with Pops, Mom’s meatballs, Italian sausage with sauce (we never called it gravy) and Mom’s Hungarian style Califlower Soup bringing us here for years. We wish we were closer. The grandkids and ichat help.
Car wash around the corner is the only one around. They do a pretty good job, but a little competition wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You couldn’t get me to wipe down a car in the 97 degree sun and keep smiling while wiping, but I, of course, expect MY car to be spotless while I enjoy popcorn and lemonade and decide between a 3 and 5 dollar tip. Maybe 2? Definitely not 6.
The Mountain View Motel is a wonder, round the corner, take a look here at this place from out front as you drive by. You’ll need to decide for yourself if you’d like to stay the night.
Far from Mountain View, CA 94040 (431 miles, about 6-9 hour drive) but still reminding us of home. And the Old. I like signs. Old signs. The colors here aren’t bad either. They are brighter than you think at first glance, but have the staying power of highest quality billiard balls. Nice and close up, no gimmicks. Take a look at my sign. Take a real close look.

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