Metro Newspaper Features Weird Mountain View


Metro Silicon Valley featured me and this blog in their November 27, 2013 issue. This comes at an important time for the evolution of this project, as it marks both a greater level of exposure and a clarification of intent. That is, going from humble musings about fire hydrants and odd peculiarities in the environment to more of a grand declaration of “hey MV people, let’s go crazy and have fun as we ride.” Of course, I am pretty stoked about just being in the newspaper and feel like a real big man with my branded T-shirt, ripped chest and man-about-town visage. But more importantly, I knew I was onto something back when I started this blog and it’s nice to see it pay off at an early stage. Sometimes an idea comes to you that you know has to happen no matter what your sleep schedule dictates. Things are happening right here in our fair little suburb, and there are so many stones yet unturned. Let’s rise up, have fun and be ourselves more than ever.

Life is like a box of chocolates—the kind with the choco-info-map on the inside cover so you can navigate which are your favorites and not accidentally get Crem-de-beige when what you REALLY want is Special Dark.

In addition to the full-page story in the center spread of the newsstand Metro, the feature story is also published in the online version of the free weekly paper.

Read it here:



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