David and Catherine

friday afternoon in mountain view california

ascending the stair.
parking lot beach party in mountain view, california. friday afternoon.
are you even listening to a wrrrrd I’m sayi..?
Brazil 2014!!!
Côte d’Azur1934..
I thought volleyball practice was supposed to be fortyfiiiiiiiivvvvvveee minutes!!
NASA Ames, the all volunteer Naval Museum (great tour, right?)
Lower Peninsula
thee Salt Fields
going up? going down.
picasso’s twentieth year.
that pith, those tith!
catalon, 2007
nissan leaf
gor. gon. Zollaa.
Here’s Why I Still Hate You.
Why I Always RT @McDonalds.
Development in Mountain View will Make us all Richer.
Design matters more than ever.
Designers are becoming extinct.
Marketing is for second-placers. Be a BRAND BOSS.
Hulk, smash. Hulk smash morrreee.
Rid yourself of doubt, or should you? -Carlin
the garage will never be clean.
after 75 flights, Maria and Scott arrived at their destination.
the horizon ended with a collage of texture, color and materials, souls bewildered and minds interwrought with plain simple, no words can speak, in fact, better left unspoken and erase all but the image.
Mtn.View!! Downtown!! CVS!!
can’t eeeeven say like half of ‘em!!



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