Silver Fire Hydrant


Whoever art directed the city’s fire hydrant decoration program was fired years ago. I have no proof, just a feeling. As in most towns with solid infrastructure, these are every few blocks – street-side, and curb ready. I know I’m in Mountain View and not in Los Altos when I see these.

Silver. Fire. Hydrant.

Not “factory powder-coated silver with 8 coats of polyurethane for a lasting architectural shine,” but “hey, it’s 4:30 on Friday and we should just paint those hydrants real brother’s got some Krylon in his truck” silver. Take a look the next time you see one. When I first came to Mountain View in 2004, I noticed these hydrants right away. They looked odd to me. They still look odd, but sometimes it’s not how pretty something looks that counts. Pick a theme, stick with it. Others will identify with it. Move on. That must be it.

I’ve tried to find more information on why silver for the fire hydrant, but really, who cares, right? The Mountain View Fire Department cares, that’s who. The Mountain View Fire Department has been saving house, home and tree-kittens since 1874, when it started as a volunteer fire brigade. Today, the Mountain View Fire Department keeps all of Mountain View safe and responds to over 4,800 calls each year.

Apparently, the silver color has some thinking that it’s even OK to park a car at a curb next to one, but why take your chances when a blocking-hydrant parking ticket costs more than dinner for 4 at Cascal. What I really wonder is, do color blind dogs not see the hydrant as a target?

Again, who cares.

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