Conversations for this blog originally recorded on a decades-old CTR 120

Conversations for this blog originally recorded on a decades-old CTR 120

Weird Mountain View features culture through photography, DIY hustle, snapshots from around town, and in-depth conversation with unique local businesses. As development in this area escalates, we put our stake in the ground representing eccentric local residents, forgotten landscapes, and small business owners with unforgettable personality.

Guest bloggers, photographers, Silicon Valley celebrities, and mic-checkers are also stopping by here on occasion.

If you see something weird, know of a local business or resident that needs more exposure, or have an idea for a story or photo essay, please let us know. Send an email to info at weirdmountainview dot com, or drop by Teleki Design in person at 257 Castro Street #102.


Keith Teleki, founder of the downtown graphic design studio Teleki Design, is the executive editor of this blog. He is never-not-working and can be spotted around town either shirtless, or wearing Versace. A resident of Mountain View for 10 years, Keith serves on the Board of Directors for the Central Business Association, and is a former member of the Visual Arts Committee. His design studio specializes in WTF promotions, art direction for music and film events, social media strategy, and logo/identity design. Keith also provides web marketing and web product UI/visual design services to many local start-ups, tech companies, and downtown small businesses. In conclusion, the Teleki Design office has hosted a few memorable parties and is an occasional meeting place for KFJC DJs after hours.

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