Another Rock ‘n Roll T-shirt? Well, mostly.


Mostly because I thought of it, said I was going to do it, and then wanted to expand beyond a one-shirt wonder, THIS t-shirt happened. I walked around Castro Street and went into some stores and cafes with a mock-up of The Who inspired Mtn. View bullseye on my chest and approached strangers, most of them young turks (by turks, I mean clerks). What I asked them was “get it?”, “how much would you pay?”, and “is it time for me to leave your store so you can assist paying customers?” It turns out NO ONE knew about The Who and so then I felt old (by old, I mean older). Since this band peaked and broke up way before my time, but their music is used in movies, TV and still part of serious British Invasion vinyl collections, I just figured that, like The Beatles and The Stones, The Who were a part of the presupposed musical culture.

Not so in the sampled demographic.

For this reason, I decided to make the shirt have more appeal beyond the musical fandom reference and make it something folks would like whether or not they get the reference. This led to layering some other features into the design… the “vintage” look, distressed bullseye, discharge printing on a heather gray crew neck, AND (probably) slightly lower price than the first shirt I did. Of course, if some of you old-timers get a hankerin’ for a retro mood-purchase, I’ve got you covered.

This t-shirt will be for sale in the studio of Teleki Design starting on the evening of August 14, when Wine Walk Mountain View takes downtown by the hand. After that, you can go bug Tina and she might sell you one.

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