NoiseHaus 5 Happens Thursday


Every 1st Thursday of the month at 8 PM I open my doors and have a party. NoiseHaus is the party. We’ve got music, HD wall projections, after-hours drum battles, stand-up comedy, improvised doom guitar rock, covering a song from your favorite band, homemade electronics, cymbals, local freaks and geeks and I keep waiting for the cops to come and shut us down. Looks like my $200 a month rent increase effective July 1 may get to me first. Worry thee not, I’m selling some old stuff and cancelling the phone again to scrap together the extra $200.

Each set is 15 minutes. Drop-ins welcome. Here is the FB page where you can “like” this event and then hear about what’s coming up next.

In the breezeway on the way back to your car from Castro Street between Dana and Villa, stop by when you are ready. We’ll be here.


noisehaus_01 noisehaus_02 noisehaus_03 noisehaus_04 noisehaus_07 noisehaus_08 noisehaus_09 noisehaus_10 noisehaus_11 noisehaus_12 noisehaus_13

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